Mid-Term Poker Blues


Next week we’ll know for sure but the way things are going the mid-terms could prove to be mighty tough on the Democrats and, as if it’s not struggled enough anyway, could prove to be the downfall of Barney Franks’ Bill to relax the online poker and gambling laws. Although the Bill has passed through the Financial Services Committee it’s not got any further due to the impending mid-terms and a complication caused by Jim McDermott’s internet gambling tax Bill.

Stand up and be counted.

OK, so we can’t say for sure that if the Republicans gain strength from the mid-term elections that Barney Frank’s Bill is doomed, but it won’t look too good for it either. The answer then is for all online poker players and online betting fans to do their bit and make sure that the candidates who’ll help Barney Frank’s Bill to fully legalize online poker get elected. If you think that’s likely to be a one sided affair all blue and donkeys, think again as there are some Republicans out there to vote for too.

Check your candidate.

She’d sure get my vote!

She’d sure get my vote!

If you live in New Jersey, Illinois, New York, Texas, California, Nevada or Georgia – rejoice as there are mid-term candidates you can vote for, and get your friends and fellow poker players to vote for, who will be supporting the Barney Frank legislation once the Capitol is back up and working. The Poker Players Alliance (PPA) has drawn up a list of 58 candidates known to be supportive of legalizing poker and 15 of them are Republicans. With all the House of Representatives all up for re-election there’s still time to exert pressure on candidates of any persuasion, who’ll all be eager for our votes and whose congress voices in favor of legalizing online poker could only help the cause.

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